Sunday, January 5, 2020

The Endless

My take on...
1) Dream
2) Delirium

3) Desire

Three down. Four more to go

And who wouldn't want to discover alien planets and Super-Earths in the farthest reaches of our Galaxy


Also by Phil(story), me(art), and Bidikar(letters). This story will be published in Crackle Vol.2 (2020)

Old Cookies

Sneak peek into 'Old cookies' , written by Phillip Maira , art by Me, and letters by Aditya Bidikar. This story was published in Crackle Vol. 1.5

Unnamed Western

I can't talk about this project yet. But here's what I can show you


I heard recently that millennials would be the last generation of people to be haunted by nostalgia in the true sense of the word. It's almost on a clinical level for us. For the generation that came later, the internet makes everything that they grew up on easily accessible. My childhood was spent immersed in Kumba's (that's what I still call my mother's sister) illustrated Russian fairytale books, a whole crate of children's books from around the globe that dad bought for me at an auction, Mamma's collection of Phantom, Mandrake, Beau Peep, and Flash Gordon comics, MOTU and TMNT action figures, and countless hours spent exploring the backyard (that looked a lot more expansive to me back then than it does now) with Kumba and our overprotective daschunt Bobby who was a whole year older than I was. It was much later, after I turned 7, that I discovered Tintin, Asterix, GI Joe, Balarama, Poompatta and several other things which have influenced my craft. Of late I've been on a mad hunt to procure the things I grew up on, and thanks to my wife @merrynjohn and my good friends @eltouch and @aswinseesit, I've been able to get many of them. But that still just about scraped the top of that iceberg and I have a feeling that the hunt is going to last the rest of my life. Sorry about the mile long rant. I just happened to spend a couple of hours after my evening tea to play around with some colors and here's what I cooked up... Part nostalgia, part imagination, and part walk down la rue Mémorie. You guys figure out which is which. Have an enchanted evening!  #fantasy #art#childrensbookillustration #fairytale #folklore #lore #childhood #nostalgia#daschunt #artistlife #monster #Illustration #faerie

Tintin and Snowy

My take on everybody's favorite reporter and his best friend.

Sketchbook 2020

Just starting out this year's sketchbook journey

The Ogxcun Myth

Here's something I've been wanting to talk about. The Ogxcun Myth, a 21 page comic, written by Joshua Spiller, drawn by me, and lettered by Bolt-01, Jhas been published in Volume 40 of acesweekly. Issue 40 also has several other comics in over 150 pages created by talented storytellers hand picked by David Lloyd (V for Vendetta). Get your copy from

For me, as an artist, The Ogxcun Myth had been quite an adventure in a world populated by monsters, automatons, and long forgotten people. Here's an inked panel for you all. On to the next set of projects. I have them lined up all the way up to September 2020 as of now.  

Crackle Vol 1

Sneak peek into a page from Phillip Maira's Crackle. I love it when I get to play with limited palettes. Letters by Aditya Bidikar. You can buy the hard copy/read the comic on 

When Shit Happens...

We just bought a whole lot of Apple products for our home studio and are disgruntled about having to spend extra money on extension cables and paraphernalia to connect the Cintiq and other devices (because of the general lack of ports in the new models, of course!). When shit happens, the best way to cope is to draw cartoons and make some money. #ArtistLife #comics #art #iPhoneXS


Early glimpse into the pre production of something that I can't reveal much else about until official solicitation in mid 2020. I've really been looking forward to working with the co-creator and the publisher of this project. #graphicnovel #comics#art

And here's a bunch from Inktober 2019
01. Ring
02. Mindless
04. Freeze (Who else loved Joker?)
07. Enchanted

From the 2019 sketchbooks

A 30 min one in watercolour
STATUTORY WARNING: Sensitive content. Scroll with caution if you're easily offended by nudity

This one started off as a tea time study of a picture on @st.kitteh 's Instagram, but ended up being something else entirely, two hours into it. Below that is the reference image of her's that inspired me

And this one, is a totally random warmup sketch