Sunday, August 30, 2009

It isnt easy being Clark Kent

Just happened to be in fanart mood and decided to go on a fanart spree. So here goes
The crow

The punisher
Vengeance has a name..and the name translates to mindless violence, blood, guts, and splattered heads! .. oh yeah thatz Frank Castle, aka The Punisher for you,.... in black and white

Clark Kent

Liz Sherman, BPRD

The Graphic novel seems to be taking like forever to complete and with no regular job at the moment and hardly any time for part-time jobs, its getting a little hard to make ends meet. Of late, iv been 'freelance artist-ing' around. I guess all this explains why i've been neglecting the blog for so long. I have decided to try to be more regular from now on. But mostly, i will be uploading stuff in batches.. So please do check back to see if i've added more to the end of this post. Btw, most of my rough doodles go to my DA gallery. Do have a lookie. The link is on the top-right side

As i had said earlier, I'm uploading more stuff to the bottom of this post. So here is a random nude worried chick

Disclaimer: This chick is purely imaginary and purely random. Any resemblance to any chick alive or dead is purely coincidental :)


not that the fox is quick... Its a rather quick character design done for a short-animation script i wrote
Im back to add more to the end of this post :). One and a half more chapters to go and we'll be all set for publishing. Thought i'd do a splash page today for our graphic novel

And after that, would it make a difference if he cared to turn around?