Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Go Dubai!

This is part of an artwork I did a few months back for an International Literature Fest in Dubai. Boy, was I glad to see the name of so many graphic novelists on it! The medium of sequential art is finally going main stream in Dubai! :)

Sunday, March 15, 2015


Ah well.... as far as style explorations go, this too happened in November 2014. I also got a little married, which in itself is a major change in 'style' ;) . And yes, that's the wife going 'pthbbbbt' right there!

The Other Woman

When you keep doing something for long enough, especially artwise, you end up developing and being stuck with a form of expression that you proudly call your 'style' . But just as it is with actors, this restricts you when it comes to handling different genres. Of late I've been jumping at any chance I get to break free from my comfort zone. Here's something I did last year as part of a series of development sketches for a form of expression quite unlike the one I've been using on a regular basis. I eventually used the style in a comic that you can read HERE. It's called 33, and is written by Jai Undurti. I also got to pay a humble tribute to the legendary R. K. Laxman in the comic