Monday, January 12, 2009

First Glimpse

Took a break from penciling today and did this pin up for promotional purpose of our graphic novel. The theme, as I had mentioned earlier is urban fantasy with a hint of noir. But its too early to reveal anything about the story. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed about our final product. Hopefully, it will be completed by June. Will be doing more pinups in the mean time :) . Thank you all for all your encouragement and support. Hope I live up to the expectations

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Ahoy 2K9!!

Dearest friends, watchers, visitors, and fellow artists... As you might have noticed, the posts to my Blog have been irregular of late and i know i owe you all an explanation. I have started working full-on on my Graphic novel "The Hatchet" (the name is gonna change, but lets just call it that for the time being coz i dont want to give away anything about the plot yet ;)). Penciling the panels takes up most of my time everyday. But I'll make it a point to do a few pin-ups during my free time now n then, which i will be updating in my gallery on DA. The link is
I have structured the script of the graphic novel as a trilogy. Hopefully we'll publish the first volume this year. The genre is urban-fantasy/thriller with a hint of noir and the storyline is something very fresh. Cant reveal anything more about it at the moment. I am quite satisfied with the progress iv made so far and i hope i wont be disappointing any of you when the final product comes out. For a while i was stuck in a deadlock since i had no idea how long its gonna take once i'm done penciling, inking, coloring, and letter the novel all by myself... Quite unrealistic, I realize...So iv been trying to figure out a style that would go without colors. But i didn't want my graphic novel to look like anything that is already out there in the market (I know that is quite too much to ask for this early in my career as a graphic novelist).. Thanks to my talented friend Sinu, life has become simpler again. He has expressed his willingness to be part of the process and has agreed to do the inking and coloring of my pages, which is quite something considering his tight schedule. Let me also express my heartfelt gratitude to my dearest buddy Rosh and my better-half Merryn ... without their support and encouragement, i would never have been brave enough to set out on this journey