Monday, January 12, 2009

First Glimpse

Took a break from penciling today and did this pin up for promotional purpose of our graphic novel. The theme, as I had mentioned earlier is urban fantasy with a hint of noir. But its too early to reveal anything about the story. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed about our final product. Hopefully, it will be completed by June. Will be doing more pinups in the mean time :) . Thank you all for all your encouragement and support. Hope I live up to the expectations


Rafiq Raja said...

Wonderful Shadow Art.... I could see an impression of lot of great artists in one form... Krish you really rock dude.

Is this coming out as a Comic / Graphic Novel in India.... Didn't hear about any project booming out of Kerala so far on the industry. Would be glad to hear more.

Just came to know of your site, as you had become a follower at Comicology. Needless to say it meant a lot for me and the work put over there.

You have one incredible talent, and good to get in touch with you. I will take my sweet time to go through the archives, and will log my comments in there.

I would also be happy if you could record your comments whenever you pay a visit to my humble website.

Cheers !!

aravindk2004 said...

kish bhai!!omg!Its so awsome:) i have said to u am a fan of u !!now its changed !now am a BIGGGGGGG fan of u!!keep goins!god bless ya!!:)