Monday, August 25, 2008

Hell sweet hell!

Finally watched the Hellboy movie. Nope not the second.. the first one.. Yeah, its shameful, but true..I hadn’t watched it all these years. But now that the mission has been accomplished, I decided to warm up today by sketching my very own version of Hellboy… and guess wot??...I ended up spending a good 3.5 hours on it!!! Had to try my new Rotoring Isograph 0.3 pen on this one..and it turned out satisfactory. Still haven’t started reading Mike Mignola’s graphic novels though :( … I know I know…sounds like I’m living under a rock here…but I sure have seen many of his artwork.. Ive also been inspired by Reuben Martinez version of the red dude! just u wait!!..I’l be getting ma hands on the graphic novels in a day or two!! Down here is the inked version of him


Merryn said...

is it me? or is it actually gettin hot in here? :D
whoa baby!!! me likey me likey a lot! got Red red handed eh?!
ok sad puns and double entendres apart... i really dig this one... the rapidograph has been treating you well i see! :D
good one baby

Merryn said...

btw... whats wid the 10 packs :S are we going the 600 packed superman/batman way of the 60's?? :D

Kish said...

NO WAY!!...c'mon..its HELL BOY...why do u have to measure him in human terms???>...hez got horns, hooves, and a tail as well!! :D