Sunday, December 28, 2008

Fanart spree :)

Tyler Durden

“This is your life, and it's ending one minute at a time. If you wake up at a different time, in a different place, could you wake up as a different person?”…. Here’s to my all time fav movie.. Fight club!!.. this started off as a speed-painting poster..wanted to try out the smudge-style coloring..but as can always be expected of me, got carried away n ended up spending a couple of hours or more on it . PS and a bit of coral painter

Thug: Get outta my way, chinaman!
Stevan Segal: Dont call me chinaman
Thug: Wotcha gonna do if i call u chinaman, CHINAMAN?
POW!.... CRACK!...BAM!..
Took a break while doing a piece n ended up watching few of those MAD tv spoofs on Stevan segal flicks...and in turn ended up doing this one. Tried picturing Stevey playing my character "the vagabond"

Now here is one dude you should be careful enough not to piss off...SSSsuperman!! ...penciled and inked traditionally, colored digitally.

Finally got to watch Hellboy 2: The golden Army. I'v been experimenting with different styles to find out an optimum style for doing a completely noir comic. This one is ..i’d say 94% traditional... The only “digital intervention” is the pattern and a bit of contrast correction. The rest of it is plain ol’ ink and brushes. Had fun making those splotches using a tooth brush and Rotoring ink :D

Totally tripped on this one while listening to Staind!! The sketch was made by my buddy Rosh, and the coloring was done by me

Always wanted to do my version of the black spidey..was just experimenting with a new style today..lemme know what u think

Merc with a mouth

My favorite Marvel antihero – the one n only Deadpool!!

Blond..James Blond

I'll Be BACK

Call of the wild...

I llove wolverine for all his vulnerability

Super WHO..???

And before winding it all up, my tribute to all the aging superheros, including my grandpa ...

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