Thursday, October 22, 2009

No time to rest

Now that we are back after our 4-day photography and art exhibition (which was a wonderful experience, by the way) , we gotta dive back headlong into the graphic novel again.. Herez a quickie just to get me back into the mood!


jazzlamb said...

Nice coloring and lovely composition. sigh. I'm already a fan:)

Sudhin said...

This particular cool and amazing piece of creation from the tips of your hands and the brim of your minds creativity ignites my spirit for achievement and enthusiasm. When I look into this feels like an illustration and reflection of my own life which is on a pursuit of excellence with no time to rest. Bro..let the world know you by your name. keep up the good work.



Kish said...

That is really very encouraging, Sudhin. Thank you!