Friday, December 11, 2009

Trivandrum - Life in the small city

I was reading Will Eisner's brilliant work, New York - The big city, and it inspired me into thinking why not document the unique things that happen around where I live, in what Rosh mockingly calls my Indo-French style :). Then i made a very long list of all the things that one gets to see only in the streets of Trivandrum, one of the Southernmost cities of India, and the homeland of yours truly.
So here I am, presenting to you all, Trivandrum - Life in the small city.
I am starting off with Matilda the "meenkaari" (Fish-seller), who is often seen trailing a long chain of cats as she goes from house to house selling the fish her husband had caught out in the sea. Once in a while, nagged by all the whining and purring, she tosses a small fish into the cloud of cats following her. Will be adding more to this post as time permits. Do check back! Have a wonderful day!


Nags said...

matilda the meenkari? haha, love it!

jazzlamb said...

I love the sketch and the fluid forms. Especially the cat thats jumping.

johnmp said...

Nice work nicely illustrated

Anand said...

that is one oooh! aaaahhh! meenkari. enthoru structure ;)

Beautiful sketch. Liked the way you have drawn the odor.

poof! said...

oh i loved this!! the colors and the fluid forms! and the write up too! "cloud of cats following her" :))


Kish said...

thank you!.. Glad you all liked the meenkaari :)