Friday, January 15, 2010

Caught on the wrong side of the moon

Or maybe its the right side of the moon on the wrong day. Poor Ol' moon bunny sure mus've had a tough time today!15 Jan 2010. We had a complete solar eclipse today in our little city. It was beautiful. What added to the beauty was Merryn when she popped 'THE question' on one knee offering me the big bright ring up in the sky. Quite gave me a moment thats frozen in time for ever
P.S: Happy birthday to Rosh


Saba said...

YAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYY!!! CONGRAAATSSSS!!!! I'm so happy for u guys!! :))))))

Rajeev Mohan said...

Chanced upon your blog. Brilliant sketches. Love them all.

Kish said...

Thank you :)