Monday, May 7, 2018

A Whole Lot of Monsters!

Flatulence above, and drool below, meet Occulus the peapod monster! His digestive juices are so strong that there will be nothing but vapour once he's done digesting his prey

The Nocturnus Periplaneta live in the darkest parts of the Abyssium. Having evolved in the absolute absence of sunlight, they have no eyelids and can function very well in complete darkness. This however makes them extremely sensitive to light. So keep a torch handy

The Guardian, like many other golems, has been brought to life by magic. He has been tasked with protecting the sacred forests by the ancient gods. The dead tree on his head has been placed there as a reminder of what humans are capable of doing to nature. If he catches you roaming around the edge of the woods under his protection, he’ll do all he can to make sure you do not enter. But if you’ve already managed to sneak yourself into the woods, there’s isn’t much he can do, as the woods themselves have grown so dense with trees in the last few thousand undisturbed years, and his bulk does not let him through any more. Don't be fooled by his hollow eyeballs though. He can see very well through his owl eyes

And there will be more...

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