Monday, September 22, 2008

Bobbie and I

Today I had a trip down La Rue Nostalgia… When I was a lil kid I used to frequent this hill that my dad had inherited, and my frequent companion during these trips was Bobbie, my Granpa’s Daschunt. Bobbie was a whole 7 months elder to me and was more like a protective elder sister to me. We used to spend hours together watching birds.. Ye, u heard right.. Bobbie used to love watching em as much as I did..coz everytime a swallow flew by, her head would follow it..Gone is our lil hill now and so is She. Dad had to sell off the hill to raise money to purchase some plot in the city (DARN!!) and They sent Bobbie to “the happy farm” when I was about 10 yrs old. But the memories still live. So today’s piece of art is dedicated to Both my childhood and my very first friend… Bobbie, I still love you and I will always do

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Merryn said...

i LOVE it... more so because its like a piece of a chunk of your past that i can picture in detail... me really really reaallly like the colouring... has a very placid and childhood-esque feel to it.. i think i love the swallows and the way bobby is looking at them... you sure she wasnt contemplating on having them for dinner??? :P
i think what could've taken the cake was the sunshine bouncing off the clouds... but i think its a lil harsh there... but it goes with the rest of the colouring... so i guess it would've ruined it if you wentb into too much details..
P.S: i wanna go here... whether it belongs to someone else or not... i wanna go here with you once... :)
P.P.S: i might not be 7 months elder to you, but i love you too... i couldn't be your childhood sweetheart, but i promise you that we'd grow old together...

ok too much senti on a public forrum... will stop

live you mottey...