Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Sailor's bride

“…And she stood there on the cliff day after day till her last, clad in her wedding gown and scanning the horizon for the sail of her sailor’s ship” – last line from my Granma’s bedtime story
Base sketch – paper and pencil
Inking and coloring - Photoshop 7
4+ hrs :)

PS: I will be uploading some of my rough works n doodles in the scrap section of DA..if you guys wanna check out, here is the link ..

1 comment:

Merryn said...

i love it.
dunno if its the story or the art or may be both... tugged somewhere. the colours look brilliant. just what i had pictured it would look like. Anatomy and stylization takes the cake this time mottey. The posture... the tilt of the head a bit in disappointment and hope that she would see him may be tomorrow.. dunno.. kept gazing at it for hours... couldn't sleep... and couldn't stop looking... guess i was also scanning the horizon for my sailor to come take me away..
love it. love you.